New veggies and other local goodies!

Our farmers have been hard at work through the growing season, and it is really starting to show!  This week we have new green peppers, cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, shallots, cabbage and purslane.  With increased site activity since our segment on WNYT this past Saturday, I recommend logging on to the website early to  place your order and get the best selection! 

NEW: Share your enthusiasm for eating local as a gift!
Starting this week, Heldeberg Market is offering gift certificates online.  Give the gift of eating local for your friends’ and family’s birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions!  Gift certificates come decorated with fun artwork (by yours’ truly), and a free delivery coupon.

Save Money (and Gas)…
…by setting up a workplace, neighborhood or seniors center drop-off point.  Coordinating 5 orders for a group drop-off qualifies everyone in your group for free delivery and saves $5.00!  If you’ve been talking to your friends and co-workers about the Heldeberg Market, and they seem interested, try setting up a drop-off. Just contact me at to make arrangements- it takes about 5 minutes!

Recipe of the Week:
Grilled Steak and Stuffed Peppers

-  Herbs de Provence*
-  Your favorite cut steak*
*Available at

Rub Steak in herbs, and barbeque on grill to desired “doneness.”

Stuffed Peppers:
-  4 Green Peppers*
-  1 Yellow squash*
-  1 Zucchini*
-  1 Cucumber*
-  2 Shallots*
-  5-6 Radishes*
–  1/4 cup chopped parsley
-  ½ – ¾ cup feta cheese
-  1 cup wild rice
-  3 cloves garlic
-  Juice of one lemon
–  Cracked black pepper to taste
*Available at

Cook rice.  Cut the stems out of peppers and clean out seeds.  Mince garlic. Chop remaining veggies into ¼  – ½ in. cubes.  Mix veggies in bowl with rice and feta cheese.  Pour lemon juice over mixture to taste and add pepper to taste.  Stuff mixture into peppers and wrap individually in foil.  Place on top rack of BBQ and grill over medium heat for 20 minutes or until pepper starts to blacken on the outside and juices are running.  Enjoy an ultra local meal!

(Recipe direct from the Heldeberg Market kitchen).