Heldeberg Market welcomes Goats & Gourmets!

After two years of searching for the right dairy to align with FarmieMarket’s goal to work with small, sustainable, family farms, FarmieMarket is very excited to offer Goats & Gourmets’ delicious, value-added products for sale to the public.  Goats & Gourmets is a sustainable farmstead goat dairy located in Westerlo, NY and operated by Regina and Frank Bryant.

Regina, originally from Germany, has more than twenty years in the restaurant business working as a chef and restaurant owner in Florida and Manhattan.  A few years ago, she decided to get out of the restaurant business and redirect her passion for gourmet food at the grassroots level by starting her own value-added goat dairy.  So, in 2007 the Bryants moved to the Heldeberg Hilltowns, started a family, and dug in to build their farm.

After years of planning, practice and labor, they have grown their goat herd, built their own on-site cheese making facility, and earned their New York State inspections to begin selling their cheeses and other goat products to the public.  The Bryants have skillfully built their goatherd to comprise a medley of all the beautiful dairy breeds, including Oberhasli, Toggenburg, Alpine, Saanen and LaMancha.  Always having loved animals, the Bryants treat each of their goats as part of their family, giving each animal daily attention.

The Bryants’ goal is to build a business based on a reputation of churning out quality products from their sustainable operation.  No hormones are given to any of their animals, and all their products are produced free of any preservatives. All of their food products are handcrafted on the farm following artisan traditions.  Milk is pasteurized and cultured in small batches and all of the Bryant‘s cheeses are hand ladled.

To start off, Goats and Gourmets listed feta cheese in beet dressing, feta cheese in Italian dressing, dill medley chevre, and apricot-honey chevre for sale on FarmieMarket’s Albany/Schenectady County Heldeberg Market, available now. In addition to cheeses, Goats and Gourmets also currently offers artisan-molded goat soaps made from their goats milks’ fat and lye.  In the near future, Goats and Gourmets will be adding kefir, pasteurized goats milk, and a variety of mold ripened soft cheeses to its slate of offerings available through FarmieMarket.

Goats and Gourmets has come to FarmieMarket looking to meet new, local customers and build a sustainable business to support the Bryants’ young children.  After sampling their spread of offerings, FarmieMarket could not be more enthusiastic to introduce this wonderful new local dairy to its Albany and Schenectady County customers!