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Total Transformation Mini Mysts Kit (Bestsellers)

Total Transformation Mini Mysts Kit (Bestsellers) Click to enlarge
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Garden of One introduces yet another innovation in Energy Therapy, the Mini Mysts. In frosted 5ml bottles with colorful labels, the Total Transformation/Best Selling Series & the Chakra Revolution! Series are sold in glittery gold organza pouches, which make them adorable gifts. Each kit has eight mini-mysts, one for each of our Best Sellers Series or the Chakra Revolution! Series. Total Transformation/Bestsellers Mini Myst Kit:|n|- All Clear- To clear energies from individuals, areas (inside & out) and situations; to remove blockages created by energy buildup.|n|- Energy Cleanse- To dissipate energy brought up as part of a physical, emotional or spiritual release, integrative or expansive process.|n|- Grounding- To release patterns and beliefs about being safe and connected to the Earth.|n|- Heart Opening-To gently unfold and recognize the beauty of the Heart.|n|Letting Go- To release our deep seated patterns and insecurities. |n|- LOVE- Letting Our Visions Emerge - To share our gifts of creation.|n|Prosperity- To open and create abundance in all forms of our lives.|n|- Stress Less- To release stress and tension from the body & psyche - Peaceful and relaxing.