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Wings Over Burma and the Himalayas

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Indelibly burned into the memories of the men who were there, Jack Gordonís gripping story of the fliers in the China-Burma-India Theater vividly recaptures the experience of the 27th Troop Carrier Squadron. Here is preserved how it was to fly through monsoon and Japanese action to drop supplies to Wingateís Chindits in the Burmese jungle, to support the Chinese Nationalists opening the Burma Road in mountainous Yunnan Province, to cross the treacherous, uncharted skies of the Hump in their C-47ís. |n|For everyone- children, grand-children, the young and the old - this is a new kind of history of WWII. With authentic photos, this is a crystal clear picture of part of the American experience in Southeast Asia. Wings Over Burma and the Himalayas is a living portrayal of the emotions and times of a generation.|n||n|What the old troopers had to say:|n|ìThe book was fantastic. I wanted to read it cover to cover. I could almost hear those C-47 engines roar again. You told it like it really was.î|n|ìI couldnít put it down...î|n|ìItís about time somebody told what we did out there...î|n|ìA big ding hoa...î|n|ìOnly someone who was there could have written it.î